How a meeting works

Each meeting has roles filled by various club members. The toastmaster for the week is responsible for getting people to fill all of the meeting roles.

Meeting start

The club president gets up and introduces the toastmaster for the day.


The toastmaster introduces the person who is giving the invocation. The invocation can be anything to set to tone of the meeting, such as a poem, story, or quote.


The jokemaster for the meeting gets up and tells a tasteful joke.


Between one and three speakers will give presentations based on the manuals that they're working out of.

Table topics

The table topics master offers up topics for impromptu speaking opportunities and anyone can participate

General evaluation

The general evaluator runs the evaluation portion of the meeting. First the speech evaluator for each speech comes to the front of the room with the speaker and gives them a 2-3 minute evaluation. Then the general evaluator asks for the report from the "ah-counter/grammarian", who is supposed to tally filler words and improper grammar. After that is the report from the timer. The general evaluator then gives a brief evaluation of the meeting as a whole.

Come join us!

We meet the first and third Thursday of every month from 7am until 8am at 411 E Wisconsin Ave. Before 7am, stop by security and ask them to badge you up to the 12th Floor Conference Room (take a right after exiting the elevator, turn right and right again) for Toastmasters. After 7am, come straight up to the 12th Floor Conference Room.

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